Faith and Fatima - Fan Friction 1

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The premiere comic for StickyMon Comixxx Presents!  Featuring Faith and Fatima and obviously some tentacle action.  I wonder how they're gonna get out of this one!?



Welcome to StickyMon Comixxx Presents!  A new site created and run by the artist StickyMon.  StickyMon Comixxx Presents is a sort of variety webcomic that features nothing but original adult comics; some one-shots and some on-going series that will be rotated through every several weeks.  The art on this consists of original StickyMon titles such as "Attack-Girl", "Esther & DD", and "Fuck That Hipster Shit".  And comics adapted from original stories with their creators may be featured as well, such as "The Genie Chronicles: Make A Wish" (created by Bebop Jet).

The content on this site is pornographic and is not suitable for individuals under the age of 18.  The comics will contain images of sexual nature, including but not limited to: straight sex, lesbian sex, fellatio, futanari (women with male genitalia), tentacles/creature sex, and bestiality.  Each comic will be tagged and labeled with the type of content that will be featured in it, so as to act as a fair warning of what to expect.  The majority of comics posted will be new but some older ones may pop up from time to time.

Comics will update Fridays, and small one-shot comics or site news may update on Mondays.

The initial plan is to keep StickyMon Comixxx Presents going for a year, hopefully uninterrupted.  If that succeeds then we will see where to go from there; if we continue on with the site or suspend it and collect all the content into a book.  Only time will tell.  And there will be future comic commission opportunities to help keep the site going.  Only original stories will be allowed to get featured, but keep on the lookout for when more details about that are available.

Thanks for stopping by StickyMon Comixxx Presents, I hope you enjoy!