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Cameo Comics

I will be producing original comics for the site and thus leave very little time to work on many commissioned comics.  However I am setting up commissions for cameo's in my comics, this means a person can commission to have themself(cartoon version) or an original character of theirs cameo in one of my comics for a reduced rate than normal comic rates.
By "cameo" I mean a commissioner's character will be featured in the story, and have heavy sexual interaction with the other character(s) in the comic.  For example, If I have a Faith and Fatima comic where the two main females have sex with a male character, someone can commission a characterization of themself or just one of their original characters to be that male the girls have sex with.
And the commissioner not only gets their character featured in an original stickymon comic but they get to receive the high-res digital files of the comic as well (just like in any other commission)

Some guidelines:

  • Characters commissioned for certain comics must fit in the realm/context of that comic, and cannot be out of place (unless the story calls for it). for example: Cuntry Gal is in a realistic setting, so you cannot commission her to interact with a demon-orc warlord.
  • The story for the comic is designed and planned by me.  I am very open to suggestions for paths to take or events to occur in the comic, but I have the final say on what the comic ends up being.  If I do not like a pitch I will not follow through with it and the commissioner does not have to commission it.
    - I will also accept original pitches for stories involving my original characters but those will be considered regular comic commissions and priced as such.
  • Any cameo comic commission will be featured on stickymoncomixxx, no acceptions.
  • Comics take a long time for me to finish and are planned pretty far ahead.  The comic may not be featured on the site until months later, the commissioner however will receive the finished product as it is completed (most likely long before it will be released online for public view).
    - If you receive your cameo comic before it's online release date, do not post it online before the site does. The comic will become available eventually anyway and that ruins the novelty of having something new come from the site each week.  If I discover that a commissioner did post the cameo comic willy-nilly they will be blacklisted.

Cameo Comic Rates

Black and White comic - $25 per page 
Grayscale pages - $35 per page
Color comic- $45 per page
(will only be charged for pages your character is present)

Original Comics

In order to keep content flowing for the site (as long as humanly possible), I will only be accepting original comic commissions from now on.  I apologize to those only interested in fan art* comics from me, but it is a move to avoid any copyright issues in the future especially if I ever put content from this site into a printed format. But if you have an original comic idea to commission such as "Full and Fertile" then I am open to taking those.

Some guidelines:

  • Comic commissions must be original and involve original characters not pre-established in any higher capacity (like marvel, starwars, pokemon, etc.).  If your comic idea features an original character made by another online artist (like ninjakitty or zet13) then you must have permission from the creator for me to draw their character in this comic and post it on my site.
  • All comic commissions will be featured on stickymoncomixxx, no acceptions.  This means no private comic commissions, if you're commissioning a comic from me it will eventually show up on the site.
  • You will be credited as the commissioner/writer of the original comic unless you request otherwise.
  • Your comic may be no more than 5 pages long.  If you have a story in mind that is longer than that amount, depending on how long I may make an acception or you will have to split the comic up into sections so it will be "to be continued" and then concluded in a later month.  This is to keep the content on the site varied and different every month or so.
*For those interested in fan art comics I will every now and then be producing fan art parody comics for , if you have suggestions for any comics you might like to see, send them to me and they might become a possibility. (no promises though)

Original Comic Rates (maximum 7 panels per page)

Black and White line art - $65 per page (Group/orgy page - $80)
Grayscale pages - $75 per page (Group/orgy page - $90)
Flat Colored pages - $80 per page (Group/orgy page - $95)
Full Colored pages - $90 per page (Group/orgy page - $105)